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June 19, 2009 - Richmond, BC - Rumble at the Rock IV - Heavyweight fighters Junior Moar of Richmond, BC, and Abdallah Ramadan of Toronto, Ontario, squared off in a ten round bout for the Canadian Light Heavyweight Title. Ramadan's record going into the fight was 15-8-0 with nine wins by KO. Junior "The Real Deal" Moar's record was 6-2-0 with two wins by KO.

Moar won the Canadian light heavyweight title Friday night when Ramadan was disqualified in the sixth round after seemingly never ending series of low blows. Ramadan was clearly out of gas as the fourth ended and his punches began to sink low. Referee Bobby Howard warned Ramadan to keep them up but to no avail. Referee Howard took a point from Ramadan for a low blow in the fifth. Throughout the sixth Ramadan continued to lay a steady stream of low blows forcing Referee Howard to put a stop to the bout.

The River Rock Casino Resort hosted the West Coast Promotions Rumble at the Rock VI boxing event at the River Rock Show Theatre.
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